New tribal ID cards on their way

The Pokagon Band is redesigning the tribal ID card and will be issuing the redesigned tribal ID cards to all Pokagon citizens. Among the benefits of the redesigned tribal ID cards, Pokagon Band citizens will now be able to pay at the pump for those five retail gas stations that sell discounted fuel to Pokagon Band citizens.

All Pokagon Band citizens can expect to receive a redesigned tribal ID card around April 1 via US mail. A letter is being sent to the address the Pokagon Band has on file for you. We want to make sure that you receive your redesigned tribal ID card. If you need to update your address, please update it using the forms above by March 10 or your new tribal ID card will be sent to the wrong address. This also is a good opportunity to update a name change or any other information (please supply copies of any applicable marriage license, divorce decree, or other supporting legal documentation).

Included in the mailing is the photo / signature form. Please complete this form, attach an updated photo for your redesigned tribal ID card, sign this form in the presence of a notary public, and mail or e-mail it to the Enrollment Office at the address provided on the form.

You’ll no longer be able to access fuel or tobacco discounts without the redesigned tribal ID card. The redesigned tribal ID card is not the Enhanced Tribal ID card (ETC) that allows citizens to cross some borders without a passport. Even if you already have an ETC, you will still need, and the Pokagon Band will still issue and mail to you, a redesigned tribal ID card. Citizens under the age of 16 will receive a redesigned card, but their card won’t feature the magnetic strip used for fuel discounts.

For more information on the new fuel discounts, refer to the Michigan tax agreement benefits page.

Update your marriage status

If you have recently wed, you can change your marriage status with the Band so your spouse may begin receiving tribal spouse benefits. Simply complete the form below.

Change of Marriage Status form

Self-Service Address Change

You can now update your own contact information online. This saves time and ensures your information is entered correctly. Please take a moment to update your contact information with the Band.

Change of Address form | Minor Change of Address form

Do you want to receive electronic communications from the Band?

We are digitizing citizen communications, which includes e-mails, phone calls, and online resources. We want to know what you think about these types of communications, and whether you’d like to provide your preferred e-mail address and mobile phone number to our database. Please complete a short form so we can know how to best communicate Band news and services with you. And be aware of our Privacy Statement.


The Enrollment Office administers the records of tribal citizenship.

Questions should be directed to:

Beth Edelberg Enrollment Coordinator 
58620 Sink Road | PO Box 180
Dowagiac, MI 49047 
(269) 462-4238 phone
(269) 782-1964 fax