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Facilities maintain all tribal properties in a safe and professional way and ensure our roads, buildings, infrastructure, and grounds remain intact for generations to come. We are responsible for grounds upkeep and management, maintenance, and cleaning services.

Cecil Wilson Sr., Director
(269) 462-4335

Administrative Assistant
(269) 462-4246

John Bennett, Maintenance & Grounds Supervisor
(269) 462-5324

Cassaundra Elder, Cleaning Services Supervisor
(269) 462-0760


The Grounds staff keep tribal properties in tip-top condition all year round. Staff members mow tribal grasses, plow snow, develop trails and landscaping, and assist with pow wows and other event set-ups. Grounds takes pride in ensuring our lands are always beautiful, inviting, and respectful to Mother Earth.


Maintenance staff are highly trained professionals who make repairs and upgrades to tribal facilities and Édawat homes. Their expertise includes HVAC, carpentry, and general maintenance. They also assist in event set-up and respond to any malfunctions in our government offices.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services staff oversee and execute the regular cleanings of tribal buildings, including the Administration Building, Elders Hall, Department of Natural Resources building, and more. They ensure our facilities are in perfect condition for special events.

Contact Information
57824 East Potawatomi Trail
Dowagiac MI 49047

(269) 783-0443
(877) 983-0385