Fixture, Appliance, Down Payment, and Rehabilitation Program

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Fixture, Appliance, Down Payment, and Rehabilitation Program (FADPR)

Did you know that funding for this program expires in 2025? If you plan on applying for this program, please do so soon. 

Tribal Council approved the Fixture, Appliance, Down Payment, and Rehabilitation Program to ensure the overall health and wellbeing of Pokagon Citizens. The program has roots from the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act. The intent of which is to provide freedom from disturbance, promote the welfare from illness or injury and the advancement for the quality of life. Learn more by reading below, or complete the online application here

Who is Eligible?

  • Citizen Households 
  • Non-Citizen Parent or Legal Guardian Households with Citizen Children who reside in the home 50% or more of the time. 
  • Non-Citizen Legal Guardian Households of an Adult Citizen. 

Maximum Amount of Benefit is up to $7,500 per household.

Assistance may be in the form of Reimbursement for a purchase made after March 3, 2021, or assistance with a new purchase from a local Lowes or Home Depot retail store. 

Why only Lowes and Home Depot?

The Band has established a national account with Lowes and Home Depot. It would not be feasible for the Band to establish accounts with every store someone may wish to shop. 

Can I shop at a store other than Lowes and Home Depot or hire a contractor not affiliated with Lowes or Home Depot?

Absolutely, however you must pay out of pocket for the purchase and seek Reimbursement.  

Click here for a directory of businesses owned by Tribal Citizens. 

Does the State of Michigan Tax Agreement apply to my purchase?

Yes, if you reside in the State of Michigan Tax Agreement Area. For information on how to make your purchase tax-free, please click here for information.  

Who can answer my questions?

The Housing Specialist will answer questions and guide you through the process, call the direct number at (877) 303-2888 or email 

When will I receive my fixture, appliance, or reimbursement?

This program is experiencing a very high volume of interest, please be patient while team members are working to process your requests as quickly as possible. 

Do I attach Reimbursement Receipts to the Application?

No, Reimbursement Receipts will be emailed directly to the Housing Specialist processing your application. Please wait for them to contact you. They will inform you what is needed and how to submit it to them.   

How do I apply for the program?

Please complete all required information requested in the application. The more information provided the better we will be able to process your application. If you need assistance completing this application, call a Housing Specialist toll free at (877) 303-2888. We anticipate a very high volume of interest in this program so please be patient while we process requests. It may be a few days before you hear from a Housing Specialist.  

You must click the “Submit” button at the end of the application to apply for the program. This button may be hidden at the bottom of your monitor so please scroll down until you see it. Failure to click submit means we will not receive your application.  

Once your application is submitted a Housing Specialist will review it and contact you to discuss next steps. You will be assigned a specific Housing Specialist to work with. Calls to our department to inquire about your application status or hurry it along will only slow the team down from processing applications. So please allow a few days of processing time. We anticipate hundreds of applications from citizens all over the United States during the first few weeks of the program.  

When your Housing Specialist contacts you, they will walk you through next steps in the process. They will inform you of any required supporting documents such as receipts, mortgage information for down payment reimbursement, etc. They will inform you at that time how to submit your documentation. Please do not email or send information to Housing department until you hear from your assigned Housing Specialist. We do not want documents to get lost in the shuffle. They will be sent to a specific Housing Specialist assigned to you 

Once your application is approved, your assigned Housing Specialist will walk you through the purchase process if shopping at Lowes or Home Depot. Do not order or attempt to purchase items at Lowes or Home Depot until you receive purchase information from your Housing Specialist. There will be detailed instructions that inform your local store associates how to process your order. 

Again, we look forward to serving you with this exciting program! 

(877) 303-2888 is the Fixture, Appliance, Down Payment, and Rehabilitation Program direct phone number or email