Elders Services

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Elders Services

The Title VI daily meals program for Elders provides hot and nutritious lunches Monday through Friday at Elders Hall. The Elders business and social luncheons occur on the first and third Thursdays of the month, respectively. In addition, there are often activities planned for after lunches. Further information on the program and a listing of upcoming meals will continue to be published in the newsletter. Please remember to notify the program staff one day prior to attending so as to give ample notice for food preparation. The program is open to staff and non-elders at a cost of $3.00 a meal.

Turning 55?

Don't forget to complete the Elder's Support Benefit Application!

Elders Support Benefit Increments

Elders' Support Benefit amount will increase each five years by $250 starting at age 65. All elders over 65 receiving the Elders’ Support Benefit will notice an increase in their amount every five years until the amount caps at $1,750 for those aged 85 and above.

Age         Amount
55-59   =   $500 
60-64   =   $500
65-69   =   $750 
70-74   =   $1,000
75-79   =   $1,250 
80-84   =  $1,500
85+      =   $1,750

Don't forget the Elders Support Benefit is not subject to federal and state taxes. However, the per capita payment is still taxable. Elders’ interested in having taxes withheld from the per capita payment should refer to the federal tax withholding form which is available here.

Elders receiving Supplemental Assistance Benefits will also receive this increase; they'll get the additional $250 but their supplemental assistance will not decrease. Supplemental Assistance Benefits are not taxable.

Elders are eligible to opt in or out of the Elders’ Support Benefit program during the month they turn 55 years old. Contact the Social Services Department at (269) 782-4300 for help understanding how this increase could impact your situation.