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We are an 11-member Tribal Council, which is elected to staggered, three-year terms by Band citizens, that governs the Pokagon Band. Within the Tribal Council, the executive officers include a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. Front row: Barbara Ann Warren, Elder’s Representative, Rebecca Richards, Chairwoman, Rhonda L. Keene, Member at Large. Back row: Brandon Rapp, Member at Large, Mark Parrish, Member at Large, Gary Morseau, Vice Chair, Alex Wesaw, Treasurer, Sam Morseau, Secretary, John Morseau, Member at Large, Mark Topash, Member at Large, Steve Winchester, Member at Large.

Meeting minutes are found within the citizens only section of the Office of Tribal Council (Pokagon Citizens click here)

Tribal Council Executive Committee Members

Rebecca Richards, Chair

Gary Morseau, Vice Chair

Sam Morseau, Secretary

Alex Wesaw, Treasurer

Tribal Council Members At Large

  • Steve Winchester
  • Mark Parrish    
  • Rhonda L Keene
  • Mark Topash  
  • Brandon Rapp
  • John Morseau
  • Barbara Ann Warren, Elder's Representative

Administrative Staff

Michaelina Martin, Chief of Staff

Heather Pauley, Executive Secretary
(269) 462-4203

Michele Winchester, Administrative Assistant to Tribal Council
(269) 462-4309

Samantha Townsend, Administrative Assistant to Tribal Council
(269) 462-4236

Frequently Requested Documents

Tribal Council Meetings