Community Eagle Staff

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Community Eagle Staff

An Eagle Staff is like a flag to a native nation; a symbol of who the nation is and what it stands for. The Pokagon Band Ogitchedaw are the protectors of the community's Eagle Staff, caring for it and adding family feathers representing their veterans to the staff.

It is with great pride and care that we present this community staff. All information on this list is subject to change. It has been received and posted in the hope that our tribal community’s Eagle Staff will always include all family member military service members and veterans.

To add or update families' veterans information to the Eagle Staff, please complete the below form.

Community Eagle Staff Application

The feather and any updated information will be presented to the veterans on the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend after the 8:00 a.m. pipe ceremony at the sacred fire pit at Rodgers Lake. Breakfast to be served after the ceremony. Family members are invited to attend.

Eagle Staff Family Feathers List