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Want to jump start your language learning?

Ėthë Bodwéwadmimwat offers programs, classes, and resources for those interested in learning the Potawatomi language.

Neshnabémwen, the language of the original people, is the native language of the Potawatomi people. It is a goal of the Pokagon Band to revitalize its language, and Ėthë Bodwéwadmimwat offers opportunities for learners of all ages and abilities to learn the Potawatomi language.

Check out the language coloring books for children below. Download them all!

Pronunciation Guide

e – as in sit, lit
é – as in sat, cat
ë – as in  cut, hut
ê – as in cook, nook
ė – as in speck, let
i – as in kiwi
o – as in no / go
a – as in amish

Online Dictionary, Coloring Books, & Beginning Language Videos

Wiwkwébthëgen - Online Potawatomi Dictionary

The Department of Ėthë Bodwéwadmimwat created two animation videos with the help of Four Directions Productions and the funding provided by Cultural Resource Fund | The MICA GROUP.
The animations are an extensions of a previous Potawatomi Children’s Storybook series created by The Department of Ėthë Bodwéwadmimwat.

We encourage and support the use of these animations to bring Bodwéwadmimwen learning materials into the homes and schoolrooms of our Potawatomi citizens of all learning ages.