Casino Patron Complaint Process

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The Pokagon Band Gaming Commission (“PBGC”) is tasked with many responsibilities, and chief among them is to ensure that all gaming activity at the Four Winds Casinos are conducted with the utmost integrity. Accordingly, the PBGC provides to the public the opportunity to submit complaints regarding the play or operation of any game, as long as the casino has first had the opportunity to resolve the complaint.

A Patron who makes a complaint to personnel of the Tribe’s Gaming Operation regarding the play or operation of any Game within seventy-two (72) hours of the disputed play or operation shall be advised in writing by the Gaming Operation of his or her right to request resolution of the complaint by the Gaming Commission, and if dissatisfied with that resolution, to timely proceed to a resolution by a Commission Hearing.

Patrons of the Four Winds Casino located in South Bend, Indiana are advised that the Pokagon Band Gaming Commission is the primary regulatory agency for gaming operations at the Casino. The Casino is not regulated by the State of Indiana. Patrons are encouraged to contact the Pokagon Band Gaming Commission to resolve any issues or disputes with respect to the Casino’s gaming operations.