Community Highlights

The striped skunk is a mammal that can be found living near humans and human development. Striped skunks like forest edges, woodlands, and grasslands, but are adaptable to live in or under buildings as well.  If you live in an area where there are food opportunities or fields, forests, and water sources, then you may encounter a striped skunk. 

The Débénwéthêk Parent Group hosted their third annual Touch-A-Truck event the morning of Saturday, August 17, as part of the Dowagiac Chamber of Commerce's Rod and Roll Auto Show. Children and their families were invited to get up close to a variety of vehicles brought by local organizations.

One hundred twenty community members walked through the lineup of vehicles, and each child who visited all the vehicles received a cookie decorated by Bakers Rhapsody. 

The tribe’s Department of Education, the Department of Defense (DOD), and Mno-Bmadsen hosted another STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) event for community children, ages 10-15. Twenty-eight youth spent the beginning of August completing experiments and learning from DOD instructors. Participants visited Notre Dame’s Physics Lab and toured the campus for three of the days of the camp. Youth also learned from Mno-Bmadsen subsidiary staff (WBK, 7GenAE, D.A. Dodd, Baird) and the Pokagon Band’s IT and DNR departments.

On Saturday, August 17 kids between 4 -14 years of age raced through a 1.5-mile trail run featuring sixteen separate obstacles designed to challenge and increase their bravery, courage, and adventurous spirit after enjoying Healthy Step. They climbed walls, crawled into dark tunnels, waded through ice water, ascended the slippery-slope, and got really muddy before finishing on the 100 foot long slip-n-slide.

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