Who We Serve The Pokagon Band Department of Health Services serves as a primary care provider for Native American population in Allegan, Van Buren, Berrien and Cas... read more

We offer a range of opportunities in every field. New positions are posted as soon as they're available, so check regularly to make us your next employer.... read more

Who we are The Pokagon Bodewadmik Ogitchedaw veterans organization will maintain its traditional role as the warriors and protectors of the Pokagon community past,... read more

Pokagon citizens have long sustained their culture and connection to their homeland; numerous place-names in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan continually ref... read more

Use of Tribal Facilities Tribal citizens are welcome to reserve such tribal facilities as the Community Center or Elders Hall for their use. Please see the policie... read more

*Enrollment services will be limited from March 9-11 due to staff training. Please call our main line if you have an enrollment question during this time period at... read more

The tribe’s economic development authority, Mno Bmadsen, and its community development financial institution, Chi Ishobak, are helping improve the business an... read more

Enrolled citizens of the Pokagon Band receive a monthly per capita payment. They are eligible for this payment once they reach the age of 18 and receive their high... read more

The Communications Department is responsible for the writing, editing and designing of tribal publications and assisting tribal government entities and departments... read more

From Youth Councils to Summer Culture Camp, the Department of Language and Culture strives to involve young people in all of its programming.

Communications staff directs the communication efforts of the Pokagon Band. By working closely with the Tribal Council, the department develops, coordinates, direct... read more

Traditionally, clans—groups of families—were what governed the tribal community. Each person and family was a part of a clan, and each clan had its uniq... read more

The traditions of the Potawatomi honor the Four Directions of East, South, North and West during prayer, during ceremony and throughout the day. Each direction has... read more

“The Congress shall have power to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes…” Article I,... read more

Chi Ishobak (pronounced Chee-ish-o-bock) in Potawatomi means “big cabbage,” which is appropriate for an institution with money to lend.  As an... read more


The Pokagon Band community boasts numerous talented artists. Some create traditional pieces using old ways, such as black ash baskets, stone or wood carving or pott... read more

Most important Potawatomi gatherings, pow wows, ceremonies or festivities begin with a song. Whether it’s with a rattle, a hand drum played by one singer, or... read more

Mno-Bmadsen serves as an engine for the economic development efforts of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi. Since creation, the tribe has embraced a network of self-sus... read more

The apprenticeship system first evolved in the later Middle Ages. Eventually craft guilds and town governments supervised the apprenticeship structure. Under this s... read more