Congratulations on your new family member! Read on for details on some of the benefits and responsibilities of parents of newborn Pokagon Band citizens.


To begin the process of enrolling your child with the Pokagon Band, contact the Enrollment Coordinator at (269) 462-4238 or (269) 782-1763. Submit the completed enrollment application and original certified birth certificate, among other paperwork, to begin the process of enrollment. The Enrollment Committee meets the second Monday of each month, during which they will review the file to determine if all requirements are met. If the child’s completed file has been accepted, the file is presented to Tribal Council for final approval at their next monthly meeting.

If the file needs further documentation, a letter will be sent to the applicant listing what is still needed to complete the file. Once the office receives the requested documentation, it will then be presented to the Enrollment Committee for another review at their next scheduled meeting.

Health Services

If you’ll be using Pokagon Health Services for your infant’s health care, call (269) 782-4141 or (888) 440-1234 to establish her or him as a patient at the Clinic.

Minors Trust

The tribe’s Revenue Allocation Plan provides for monthly per capita payments, which, for any Pokagon Band citizen under the age of 18, these payments are paid to and held in trust for the child’s benefit.  Any Pokagon Band citizen between the ages of 18 and 21 may receive a monthly per capita payment directly, provided the child has a high school diploma or GED.  If s/he does not have a diploma or GED, the monthly per capita payments will continue to be paid to and held in trust. The funds held in trust for the child are distributed to the child according to the following schedule:  (a) at age twenty-one, twenty-five percent of the then principal; (b) at age twenty-two, thirty-three percent of the then principal; (c) at age twenty-three, fifty percent of the then principal; and (d)at age twenty-four, the balance of the trust.

You child’s trust is invested conservatively in a pooled investment account, currently by Fifth Third Bank. Providence First Trust Company is the trustee of the trust, and tracks the balance of your child’s trust, prepares and sends quarterly statements, and oversees all distributions from your child’s trust.

Child Care

The Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) aims to preserve the family unit and to promote its economic independence and self-sufficiency with safe, affordable, accessible, quality child care for qualified Pokagon Band families. The Social Services Department may provide payment for child care services for qualifying families when the parent(s)/guardian(s) is employed, training for employment, in school and/or because of a health/social condition for which treatment is being received and care is provided by an eligible provider.