Programs and Facilities

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A government exists to serve its citizens. As they have for generations, the Pokagon people can rely on their tribal government and community for support with nourishment, shelter, learning, and physical and mental healing and wellness through such programs as:



Tribal citizens are welcome to reserve such tribal facilities as the Community Center or Elders Hall for their use. Please see the policies below for use of the these facilities and the campgrounds at Rodgers Lake. Download the below application forms to reserve the facility, and send to the specified person.

For Community Center contact Christina Saltzman, (269) 430-3854 or email
          Community Center not available the second Saturday of the month due to Tribal Council meetings.

For the Rodgers Lake Pavilion and Kitchen, contact Christina Saltzman, (269) 430-3854 or email

For Rodgers Lake Campground, contact Christina Saltzman, (269) 430-3854 or email

For Sports Complex, contact, Christina Saltzman, (269) 430-3854 or email

For Elders Hall, contact Beth Warner, (269) 782-0765 or email

Mail completed reservation forms to the attention of the contact person for the corresponding facility to: Pokagon Band of Potawatomi PO Box 180 Dowagiac, Michigan 49047

Citizens are welcome to enjoy Gage Street Lake, which is located at 26464 Gage St, Dowagiac, MI 49047.