Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow September 2 & 3, 2023, Rodgers Lake Campground

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2023 Kee Boon Mein Kaa Vendor Information

The Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow committee is seeking vendors for the 2023 Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow. Below you will find the Application and Vendor Rules. If you have any questions, please contact the committee at



How to Make the Most of Your Time at the Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow


Arrive on Time for the Grand Entry

Kee Boon Mein Kaa Contest Pow Wow hosts three dance and singing sessions. There are Grand Entries on both Saturday and Sunday. Arrive early to get a seat.

Saturday, 1 & 7 p.m.

Sunday, 1 p.m.

Grand Entry is when the dancers and other important people enter the arena. Grand Entry is an amazing experience! You will be asked to stand and remove your hat as any flags are carried in and the veterans, royalty, dignitaries, elders, organizers, and dancers are honored and introduced.

Try Authentic, Delicious, Native American Food

The Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow is the perfect place to experience new foods or enjoy old favorites. Fry bread is always a popular choice! Other choices include, Indian tacos, Indian burgers, blanket dogs, wild rice soup, corn soup, and more.  Bring cash so you can try tasty foods and beverages throughout the pow wow!

Be Respectful

Elders have a significant place in Native American culture. When attending Pow Wows, keep elders in high regards. If you’re healthy, it’s deemed polite to give up your seat or place in line to an elder.

Be respectful of the dancers and singers and their regalia. It’s not polite to call their colorful native dress “costumes.” These pieces of clothing are handmade and can take many months to create. Some are even family heirlooms, having been passed down from several generations.

If the Emcee asks you to stand or remove your hat out of respect, please do so. Also, in many cases, you can learn a lot about ceremonies, dances, music, and history if you listen to the emcee. The emcee will share when it’s inappropriate to take photographs.

Check Out All the Vendors

Each year, the Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow hosts more than 60 vendors from around the country! Start your holiday shopping early and choose from a variety of items including dreamcatchers, clothing, artwork, pottery, regalia items, furs, photography, and more.

Be sure to visit our featured Pokagon vendors as well! Vendor applications are being accepted now.

The vendors below are from the 2022 pow wow.


Angie Rice

Featuring pyrongraphy on many mediums, oil on canvas, and jewelry.

Geeshup-Mimi LLC, John & Patrice Warren

Blankets, screen and transferred print Tribal shirts, Native Themed embroidered hats, beaded jewelry, embroidered Tote bags, native themed duffel bags, native themed cook aprons, and eagle feather holders. We also take bulk orders for t-shirts.

Michaela Powell

Featuring beautiful, beaded pieces.

Kathy Getz Fodness

Contemporary Native-made pottery, nature inspired, wheel thrown and hand embellished.

N2A Stoneworks, Clyde & Sarah Brazie

Handmade crafted jewelry from rocks and fossils from all over the world. Rock specimens from all over the world, as well.

Other Pokagon Vendors

Casey Church | Lisa Downing | Candi Wilcox | Clyde Brazie Jr, Michigan Native Photography | David Lenox | Michelle Thompson, Blushing Bead | Marah Morris | Theresa McFall | Mary Getz | Phillip Alexis Jr | Gerald Wesaw | Julie Farver, Quilted Oak Leaf | Amanda Galvan

Other Kee Boon Mein Kaa Pow Wow Activities

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